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Does Sump Pump Alarm Help Homeowner To Pump Out Water From Basement?

Not every sump pump has an alarm system. For the ones that do or have an alarm added for extra functionality, they serve a specific purpose.

What’s the Primary Reason that an Alarm Sounds?

Generally, an alarm is sounded when the sump pump that has an alarm detects that water is flooding in faster than it is capable of pumping it out. This can be an issue when the pump is just starting up and hasn’t reach full pumping capacity yet, while water is still rising. However, it can also be an indication that the sump pump is at full capacity and still is not making a dent in the rising water level.

False Readings Appearing Real

Sometimes water can simply drip down condensation from overhead pipes in a basement. This can cause the sensor to get wet and indicate that the flooding has reached an inappropriate level and sound the alarm. Wiping down the sensor and letting it dry is likely going to fix that issue and the pump alarm will soon turn off.

If the sound is bothering you, you might be able to disable it temporarily (turn it back on later, don’t forget) or dampen the sound with a blanket. Otherwise, use a hair dryer to dry the water and dampness quicker if the sound is really bothering you until the moisture is dried up fully.

Sensor Malfunction

It doesn’t happen too often, but it’s always possible that a sensor part has malfunctioned and isn’t reading correctly. In which case, there’s no direct fix for this. The sump pump will need to be put in for repair with a plumber that’s capable of taking it apart to reach the sensor apparatus, removing it and replacing it with a new part. If that won’t fix the malfunction, then baring another fix, it might be necessary to completely replace the sump pump when accepting that it’s simply gone wrong and that’s all there is to it.

Does the Alarm Help Pump Water Out of a Basement?

Technically the alarm has nothing to do with the pumping of water per se. It is determining whether the pump is capable of dealing with the volume of water entering the basement or house or how much it can pump out. The sensor readings from the float determine if the float is rising, falling or staying at the same level. But the alarm sounds when the pump is clearly unable to stem the tide of water being added into the room or basement. The pump is doing its best, but it’s not powerful enough.

How to Resolve the Issue When You Have a Pump That’s Not Powerful Enough?

When you realize that the pump you have doesn’t have a powerful enough engine and/or pump to remove all the water given the size of the room or basement area, then there’s nothing you can do to upgrade it. You have a couple of choices. You can either swap it out for a large, more powerful model or get a second sump pump installed to have two operating within the same space situated in different parts of the basement or room.