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    4 Most Common Causes of Clogged Sewer Lines | Bishop Plumbing

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Clogged sewer lines are a major problem. They are often expensive to correct and they can cause awful sewer back-ups. The good news is that clogged sewer lines can be prevented. Check out the following common causes of clogged sewer lines to see what you should avoid to prevent a major plumbing problem.


    • Food Items: When pieces of food slip through your sink’s drain, you are increasing your odds of a clogged sewer line. In most cases, it takes more than one piece of food to clog your sewer, but food build-up will eventually cause a problem. If you think too much food slipped through your drain, consider calling a trusted Chicago plumber to check your drain and sewer line.
    • Toilet Paper: Only use as much toilet paper as you need and do not flush too much at one time. Overuse of toilet paper is the most common cause of household clogs.
    • Tree Roots: Tree roots spread wherever they can find water and nutrients. The inside of a sewer line is an ideal location for tree roots because they can always find water and food. Tree roots find cracks or holes in your sewer line, creep in and block your sewer line. It is important to regularly remove tree roots with sewer maintenance provided by your local Chicago area plumber. 
    • Oil and Grease: Avoid rinsing oil, grease and fat down your drain. Oil and grease cling to the sides of a sewer line and can eventually clog your sewer.  


    For more information on sewer maintenance and clogged sewer lines, contact Bishop Plumbing, the most trusted plumber in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our plumbers provide the best customer service and professionalism. Contact us to learn how you can protect your sewer system.



    The Difference Between a Do-it-Yourself Plumbing Job and a Professional Plumbing Job | Bishop Plumbing

    Last updated 7 years ago

    With so many tutorials and online guides available, more and more homeowners are choosing to fix common household plumbing problems themselves. However, not all plumbing repairs should be handled on your own. Learn when to call your Chicago plumber by considering the advantages of professional plumbing jobs.



    The first thing to consider is whether or not you have enough time to plan, start and complete the project yourself. The last thing you want is to start a project you’re unable to finish. Make sure you have the time to complete the task once you’ve started, otherwise you should call in the professionals.



    You should consider the difficulty level of the task at hand in order determine whether you’re equipped to handle the project. Just because you can fix a leaky toilet bowl doesn’t mean you’re ready to start handling drywall leaks. Plumbing projects like main line stoppage, shower valve replacement, water heater maintenance or repair, tub replacement, and underground or wall pipe leaks all require an expert knowledge of plumbing systems.

     As a good rule of thumb, any job that requires you to tear down any structure in your home or deal with electrical wiring should be done by a Glenview plumber.


    It’s also important to remember that your repair services are not covered under a warranty; don’t risk making small problems worse and hire a professional plumber instead. In addition, hiring a plumber means eliminating the middle man when it comes to appliance installation. Why purchase a toilet with one company only to hire another company to do the installation? Using a professional plumber ensures that all of your needs will be handled by the same licensed professional. Chicago-area plumbers also have extensive knowledge regarding your neighborhood’s zoning requirements. 


    Whether you’re interested in sewer repair, backflow service or bathroom remodeling, professionals with Bishop Plumbing provide the best services for your needs. Visit our website for a full listing of Chicago and Arlington Heights locations. 

    Home Improvements and Repairs : Tips on Bathroom Plumbing | Bishop Plumbing

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Three main components comprise your bathroom plumbing: the hot and cold water system, the drains and the vent systems.

    In this video from, home repair specialist and plumbing remodeling contractor Tim Gipson shares a general overview of bathroom plumbing. Your drain lines run from your sink, shower and toilet down to the sewer lines, while your vent lines are connected through the ceiling to a roof vent. These two systems work together—without the vent, the draining water would create suction rather than draining down into the sewer. Find out how your sink trap reduces odors in this full clip.

    Are you experiencing problems with your bathroom plumbing? Contact the plumbers with Bishop Plumbing for a service call or 24-7 emergency service for the Chicagoland area at (847) 960-3698.

    Happy Father's Day from Bishop Plumbing!

    Last updated 7 years ago

    With Father's Day coming up this weekend, we want you to tell us some of your fondest memories with your father.  Share the things that he has done for you and with you.  We would like to post these on the Bishop Plumbing facebook page for everyone to enjoy!  We hope everyone has a great Father's Day weekend!  


    Bishop Plumbing Review on Cast Page - "I will be using their services again!"

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Bryan was very professional and helpful. The work needed was clearly explained to me. I will be using their services again! More

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