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Environmental Factors that Can Damage Water and Sewer Lines Over Time

Last updated 6 years ago

Your home’s plumbing system may seem tough and durable, but it can actually experience damage from a number of different environmental and human-caused issues. In fact, many homeowners may be experiencing slow, progressive damage to their sewer and water lines, but may not even realize it! Here are some of the most common causes of water and sewer line problems:

1.      Tree Root Infiltration

While that magnificent oak or maple tree in your yard may give your home some great curb appeal, it may actually be destroying your home’s plumbing. Tree roots often damage sewer and water lines in their quest for nearby sources of water and nutrients. What starts as a small root infiltration can quickly turn into a substantial clog in your home’s plumbing. Only a licensed plumber can handle root infiltration problems and replacing your plumbing for you.

2.      Settling Homes

As your home ages, it will slowly shift and settle into the ground. While this is normal, homeowners must be aware that this can cause problems for water and sewer lines. While your plumbing may be able to accommodate slight settling, major changes in your home’s structure may lead to leaks or bursts. If you’re experiencing settling-related plumbing problems, then call a plumber before it’s too late!

3.      Mineral Buildup

If you look carefully at your home’s showerheads, you may notice a bit of calcium buildup. This happens naturally as the metals in your plumbing react with the nutrients in the water. While not always serious, certain types of chemical reactions can threaten the health of your household. For example, galvanized steel plumbing, an old water plumbing standard, has a tendency to rust in older homes and may even produce small traces of lead. 

For professional remediation of these problems, contact the expert plumbers at Bishop Plumbing. Call (847) 960-3698 to schedule an appointment in the Chicago area today.



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